Here is the short and sweet…

Who: 7 kids. 1 wife. 2 frogs. 0 dogs.

What: Began working at 14 and have never stopped. Aviation, Marketing, Radio, Music, Social, Graphic Arts, Performance Arts, Software Engineering, Journalism, Multimedia Design, Television/Film, and more. For the last 16 years I’ve been working as a Linux System Administrator.

When: Between the hours of 0700 and 0200, daily.

Where: California, Arizona, Nevada, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Utah (Northern and Southern). Utah “feels” like home, so that is my current location.

Why: I am a visual communicator. When I need to understand something I draw a picture. The camera is a tool to make sense of the world. Photography isn’t a passion, it is simply an essential part of who I am and the way I relate to the world around me. Don’t expect pretty pictures. Expect essential ones.

How: Electronics, physics (all branches), chemistry, model trains, embedded computer systems, music production, radios, and more. SysAdmin for a bunch of non-profits. I run the Utah Radio and Scanner Group website. Lots more.